Sober and Sexy Launch

Sober and Sexy Launch

Sober and Sexy Launch: Addiction Stripped Of Stigma

The 2016 Sober & Sexy calendar was launched at a glitzy event held in Cape Town in the spring of 2015. Inspired by the 2003 film Calendar Girls, the calendar features portraits of recovering addicts photographed in the nude to represent they have nothing to hide.

The 2017 Sober & Sexy calendar will build on the success of its predecessor with brand new models and renovated design. As is the case with living in recovery, the calendar is developing and refining over time. From month to month, each model exudes hope and an undeniable positive energy – the powerful by-product of a life free from drugs. Although they come from diverse backgrounds, the photogenic subjects all share the same remarkable story of overcoming addiction through acceptance of their disease.

“Recovery can be a frightening place in the early days – it is hard to trust people – and an emotional rawness seems to be ever-present and often it feels as if life will always be this way. In time and with help, addicts can and do recover, in fact, we actually thrive,” says photographer and Sober & Sexy founder Fiona McCosh.

“Life only gets better the longer I continue in recovery. I hope this is reflected in what we are able to produce for 2017″ Says McCosh. “There’s an epidemic of drug and alcohol abuse in South Africa, and we hear horror stories in the press all too often. But we seem to be stuck in the problem, why aren’t we talking about the solution? Stigma and shame keep many addicts trapped in the shadows. My hope for Sober & Sexy is to illustrate a positive picture of recovery, to spread hope to the still suffering addict”

All proceeds from the stunning Sober & Sexy calendar have been be donated to the Cape Town Drug Counselling Centre, which will be repeated for 2017.

The 2017 exhibition and launch party will be held in September in Cape Town this year. Details to follow.

For more information, contact Fiona McCosh on 079 127 5357 or at

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