About Sober & Sexy

Sober And Sexy presents as new way of looking at the problem of addiction, by taking an intimate look at the solution of Recovery!

British photographer Fiona McCosh is the brains behind the Sober And Sexy project. Over the last couple of years she has produced 2 calendars and exhibitions in Cape Town.

The photo shoots for the project feature a cosmopolitan mix of fascinating individuals, with widely differing backgrounds and stories drawn together by one powerful similarity, all are in recovery from addiction, alcoholism or one of the process addictions, gambling, eating or sex and love.

“Recovery can be a frightening place in the early days, it is hard to trust people, an emotional rawness seems ever present and often it feels as if life will always be this way. In time, with help, we can and do recover, in fact we thrive.” Says McCosh

“I really wanted to develop a project which could give something back, whilst illustrating our new found sense of adventure, fun – and trust in others.

The idea of a naked calendar came from the true story of The Calendar Girls (a hit movie featuring members of the British Women’s Institute naked as a fundraiser), so I began to ask around the Cape Town Recovery Community and was overwhelmed by the response.”

“Whilst the project has it’s light-hearted feel, the trust and vulnerability between the subjects and my lens was actually quite moving, and it is important that we remember that any Addiction can be fatal, there are too many dying from this disease unnecessarily. We hope the Sober and Sexy show and calendar will help make it clear that there is a solution, that Recovery is not only possible, but pleasurable – and even Sexy sometimes!”

Proceeds from the calendar have been donated to the Cape Town Drug Counseling Centre.