In this section, we will be posting health and lifestyle choices that compliment sobriety.

I’ve personally gained so much from exercising. Obviously the primary benefit is getting fit, but that filters down to improved self esteem, reduced anxiety and a powerful natural anti-depressant. After years of neglect I could barely look at myself in the mirror. I now take pride in my appearance and can look people in the eye. Although they say recovery is an inside job, taking care of myself physically as well as spiritually is crucial as a more balanced way of life.

Here is a brief story about Piet, who’s in recovery.
Piet first came to CD6 a quiet unassuming guy looking to improve his running abilities.

He was soon taken on as part of the D6 family and continues to make friends and be a part of our community, as he improves his performance as a human. He came out of his shell and his wicked sense of humor came shining through.

We are very privileged to have him work through his process with us being a part of that journey.

We look forward to watching him from strength to strength and continue smashing life and his workouts.